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Building Blocks of Communications in Families of Parishes (Webinar Recording) Building Blocks of Communications in Families of Parishes (Webinar Recording)

Thank you to all who attended the first monthly webinar for mission-focused marketing and communications in a Family of Parishes. This month, the topic was "Building Blocks of a Communications Ecosystem." Reflections questions and three action steps are below.

Reflection questions:

  • Am I ready to work to shift my parish communications to be more mission-focused in line with FOP?
  • What audiences should I consider as part of my Family of Parishes communications strategy?
  • What information do I need to communicate effectively (events, announcements, etc.)?
    • How can I make this information more clear and easy to access?
  • What formation resources am I currently sharing with different audiences in my Family of Parishes?
    • Are these resources relevant and effective to my identified audiences?
  • Are my parish communications building community?
    • Is our messaging warm and welcoming? Does it focus on people (not programs or buildings)?
  • Do our parish communications have 3-way communication? (Top-down, down-up, among members)
  • What channels is my FOP currently managing? (Website, Social media, Print, Text, etc.)

Three action steps for this week:

  1. Post a photo of people from your parish on social media.

  2. Plan how you’re going to invite people to Christmas Mass in the next four weeks.

  3. Connect with someone in the Engagement Group in the EGW Mighty Network!

Save the date for our next webinar: January 12 at 2 p.m. Stay tuned for a link to register via the EGW newsletter.