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Encounter Grow Witness Podcast Episode 11: Work-Life Balance in Ministry

Fr. Steve and Beth welcome guest Nicole Joyce to the podcast, where Nicole discusses her journey working for the Church and reflects on the importance of work-life balance for those in ministry.

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Show notes:

(1:10) Fr. Steve and Beth introduce the topic of how we in ministry can make finding a good work-life balance a goal for the New Year.

(2:35) Fr. Steve introduces guest Nicole Joyce and quizzes Beth and Nicole on trivia from 2002.

(9:45) Beth asks Nicole about her prayer life and Nicole shares about the ways she gets her whole family involved.

(12:20) Fr. Steve asks about Nicole’s work in the Church and she reflects on her journey working in ministry, beginning in high school and up to detailing her current work with family ministries for the Archdiocese of Detroit.

(19:35) Nicole talks about how interacting with different families in the Church has been a grace, especially in seeing how the Church can come together as a human family to go “beyond the pews” in caring for families throughout our communities.

(22:35) Beth introduces the topic of overworking and burnout for those in ministry and Nicole discusses solutions that can be found through prayer and discernment.

(26:30) Fr. Steve discusses common challenges faced by those working in ministry and Nicole reflects on her own challenges of overextending in work and the emotional struggles which accompany that. Beth talks about being conscientious of what we ask of our volunteers in ministry.

(39:00) Nicole details her work with Natural Family Planning and presenting the Church’s teachings as good news through holistic education for families, and the steps parishes can take to put this into practice.

(43:50) Fr. Steve and Beth thank Nicole and close.

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