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Encounter Grow Witness Podcast Episode 1: Scripture

Fr. Steve and Beth examine the significance of scripture and give some practical takeaways for how to incorporate it in our ministry.

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Show Notes:

(1:51) Beth discusses her journey to Christ, when she really encountered the life-changing grace of Catholicism, and how she discerned her path to ministry. Fr. Steve also shares about his Catholic upbringing with and his vocation to the priesthood.

(9:48) Fr. Steve discusses the podcast’s goals: sharing intentional conversations about ministry with ministers, providing practical ministerial tips, answering questions from coworkers in the vineyard, and to help everyone understand their role in the effort to unleash the Gospel.

(14:18) Beth shares her hopes that the podcast will be a way for ministers to be able to accompany one another through our shared responsibility and our shared mission. Beth and Fr. Steve also discuss the importance of connection as ministers and disciples.

(18:34) Fr. Steve introduces the first topic of scripture, and how it helps us to better know God’s voice. The two discuss what their relationships with scripture were growing up, resources to help understand scripture, and how to incorporate it into ministry.

(39:18) The two reflect on a set of questions Beth proposes when reading scripture: What does this passage reveal about God? What does this passage reveal about me? What is God saying to me right now? Fr. Steve also discusses the inter-relationship between scripture and liturgy.

(44:39) Beth and Fr. Steve answer common scripture questions, like, “How do I justify all the terrible things that happen in the Bible?” “How do I start reading?” and “What if I don’t like reading scripture?”

(49:20) Fr. Steve shares about the Unleash the Gospel Scripture Challenge taking place in 2021, outlining the six challenges and recommending this as a great place to start with reading the Bible. He also discusses the benefits of studying the Bible using lectio divina.

(1:01:11) To close the episode, Beth and Fr. Steve share their favorite Bible passages.