Evangelical Charity Engagement Family Ministry Discipleship Formation Worship Podcast
Episode 18: Julianne Stanz

Beth and Fr. Pullis are joined by Julianne Stanz, Director of Parish Life & Evangelization Mission Team for the Diocese of Green Bay. Julianne shares about her work in Green Bay, on the executive team for the National Eucharistic Revival, and how she’s lent her gifts to the I AM HERE campaign. Listen for loads of encouragement and inspiration for your parish to carry you through the National Eucharistic Revival.

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Show notes:

(00:28) Beth and Fr. Pullis welcome guest, Julianne Stanz, Director of Parish Life & Evangelization Mission Team for the Diocese of Green Bay. They discussed Julianne’s recent meeting with Pope Francis, which came about through her involvement as an advisor on a video project around the Catechism.

(04:25) Julianne shares what she loves most about working for the Church and she talks about the joy she finds in interacting with the 156 parishes in the Diocese of Green Bay. She goes on to describe where she sees the Holy Spirit moving in the Church today through moving forward, innovating and creating.

(08:30) Julianne talks about how she sees the National Eucharistic Revival being a blessing to parishes in the United States and describes a particular moment following COVID, when she was able to recognize the hunger for Jesus in a fellow parishioner’s eyes during Communion. She describes the revival as an opportunity to refocus.

(13:00) Julianne describes how she sees hospitality lived out, not just in post-Mass activities, but in the celebration of the Mass itself. She discusses the process of making bread and the beauty of being Eucharistic people.

(16:46) Julianne shares her advice on how parish leaders can bring their own hearts into the National Eucharistic Revival. She shares that intentional, authentic prayer as a parish staff and between coworkers are indispensable in this effort. She poses the question “How do I let the Eucharist transform me?” She describes her work on the executive team for the National Eucharistic Revival and shares how it all began with adoration and Mass, not with a plan.

(25:12) Fr. Pullis talks about how the work of unleashing the Gospel all began with, and continues to begin with prayer. Julianne shares an anecdote about seeing God work powerfully through a parish administrative assistant.

(30:20) Julianne talks about the I AM HERE campaign and highlights using strategies of attraction when witnessing to the power of the Eucharist. She also shares how she wrote the I AM meditations that are available on the Hallow App as part of I AM HERE, and what it means to give her best to Jesus.

(38:36) Fr. Pullis, Beth, and Julianne close by discussing the reality that we can do hard things and we can do them for God.