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Families of Parishes Ministry Resources

The Families of Parishes model, first announced at Pentecost of 2020, begins the next chapter of our Archdiocese. Much work has already been done to prepare for the transition to Families of Parishes. In the coming months, details of how ministries and business processes will operate in a Family of Parishes setting will be fleshed out.

Visit this page for the latest updates on the transition to Families and how it may impact your ministry.

Visit the Families of Parishes topic in the EGW online community to ask questions or discuss the transition to Families of Parishes with fellow parish ministers.

From Encounter Grow Witness

Families of Parishes Staff Update [WEBINAR]

View a recording of the Families of Parishes Staff Update webinar, the Families of Parishes Playbook, frequently asked questions, and additional Families of Parishes resources to keep your parish informed and up to date as this structural renewal continues.

8 Things Your Parish Can Do Right Now to Prepare for Families of Parishes

The transition to Families of Parishes will certainly be full of changes, and for some, change can bring anxiety with it. Here are the best things you can do to prepare your parish and ease some of the stress.

How Families of Parishes Relate to the New Vatican Document on Community Evangelization

A new document from the Vatican introduces some new methods to help parishes with spiritual renewal -- and some of them might sound familiar.

Additional Resources

Families of Parishes Staffing Update

This letter from Deacon Mike Houghton, Director of Missionary Strategic Planning and Families of Parishes Project Leader for the Archdiocese, provides an update on where Wave 1 Families of Parishes are in the process of staffing their newly formed Families. Please read and feel free to contact your Moderator or Missionary with specific questions about your Family.

Wave 1 Parishes: Promote Your Family Gatherings

After your gathering dates are confirmed by your moderator, here are some resources to help you promote your three gatherings to your Families of Parishes community.

Download the Families of Parishes Playbook

For information on clergy and staff roles within Families of Parishes, refer to the Families of Parishes Playbook. This is an internal document intended specifically for clergy and parish ministers only.

Families of Parishes Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses many of the questions the faithful have about Families of Parishes: What are they? Why are we creating them in the Archdiocese of Detroit? Who will lead them? And what does this change mean for the life of our local Church?

Visit the Families of Parishes Website

Families of Parishes Content from AOD

Eyes on Jesus Episode 14: The Next Steps for Families of Parishes
Archbishop Vigneron talks with Mary and guest host Erik Coules about the next steps in the move to Families of Parishes and missionary transformation in the AOD.

Sent on Mission: Families of Parishes [VIDEO]
Families of Parishes is a complete renewal of structures of our parishes to make them radically mission-oriented. From now on, our parishes will work together as families, in order more effectively to fulfill their mission to evangelize.

How will Families of Parishes Work [VIDEO]
In the months and years ahead, we will embrace new and innovative ways of working together, strengthening the bonds that already exist among parishes and building new bonds everywhere else.

Living the Mission as a Lay Disciple [COURSE]
Join this 2 hour online course to learn more about Families of Parishes and the ways you will play an important role in our missionary transformation. Living the Mission as a Lay Disciple: a Personal Journey of Encounter, Grow, Witness is a self-paced on-demand course that will inspire, answer your questions, and equip you for the transition.

Introducing Families of Parishes [VIDEO]
The next step in Unleash the Gospel: to come together and collaborate to make our parishes places where people can encounter Christ and continue to be Sent on Mission.

Families of Parishes Announcement | Pentecost 2020 [VIDEO]
Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron announces the Families of Parishes for the Archdiocese of Detroit on the Solemnity of Pentecost, May 31st, 2020.