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How Parishes Can Help Families Use 52 Sundays in July How Parishes Can Help Families Use 52 Sundays in July
Here are some suggestions that your parish might want to utilize to help families embrace the weekly ideas from 52 Sundays. Since it is lectionary-based, you will see that many of these suggestions are applicable, even if families do not have the book. This list is not exhaustive or necessary. You will see some ideas to continually connect with families about the book as well as some suggestions for each week. You can copy everything from the book, except the Gospel passages. That is a separate copyright through the USCCB.

Let families know how they can get the content and additional resources on the 52 Sundays website , and encourage people to post what they are doing each week on parish social media channels and parish websites using the hashtag #52Sundays. As a way for people to connect with #52Sundays posts, provide links to the Archdiocese of Detroit social media channels on your social media channels, your parish website, and in your bulletin or other communications your parish uses, such as Remind, Flocknote, or email newsletters. Use these tools to remind families about each activity.

For the week of July 5, 2020
In your bulletin or as a video on your parish website, have a staff member or parish leader reflect on what God the Father is like to them, or who has helped them give and receive God’s love. Invite families to post pictures on social media of the sacred space at their home. Share a picture of a chalice from the parish along with any interesting details about it (artwork, how it came to the parish, etc.).

For the week of July 12, 2020
Have the staff share their favorite pilgrimage site or historic church, local or beyond. Post a picture of the sanctuary lamp with a description of why it is important. Invite a parish leader to share a video of them making the St. Kateri Cornbread. Invite parishioners to pray, “Jesus, I trust in you,” at a specific time each day this week.

For the week of July 19, 2020
Invite a staff member or parish leader to discuss what their favorite part of Mass or mystery of the Rosary is and why. Invite parishioners to pray the Rosary at a specific time, wherever they are, or invite everyone to join the Archdiocesan Rosary on Wednesday night at 7:00pm. Have families post on social media pictures of them caring for their gardens and be sure to post pictures of the staff and/or volunteers doing the same for the parish grounds.

For the week of July 26, 2020
Ask a staff member to reveal in the bulletin or on social media what they would put in a treasure chest for others to see. They can also share what, if anything, is so valuable that they would sell all they have to purchase it. Invite parishioners to post their creative designs for the St. Martha Cucumber Salad on social media. Invite parishioners to pray the Guardian Angels prayer at a specific time each day this week.