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How Parishes Can Help Families Use 52 Sundays in June How Parishes Can Help Families Use 52 Sundays in June
Here are some suggestions that your parish might want to utilize to help families embrace the weekly ideas from 52 Sundays. Since it is lectionary-based, you will see that many of these suggestions are applicable, even if families do not have the book. This list is not exhaustive or necessary. You will see some ideas to continually connect with families about the book as well as some suggestions for each week. You can copy everything from the book, except the Gospel passages. That is a separate copyright through the USCCB.

Let families know how they can get the content and additional resources on the 52 Sundays website , and encourage people to post what they are doing each week on parish social media channels and parish websites using the hashtag #52Sundays. As a way for people to connect with #52Sundays posts, provide links to the Archdiocese of Detroit social media channels on your social media channels, your parish website, and in your bulletin or other communications your parish uses, such as Remind, Flocknote, or email newsletters. Use these tools to remind families about each activity.

For the week of June 7, 2020
As a bulletin article or video for your parish website or social media, have a staff member or parish leader discuss which member of the Trinity they turn to most and why. Discuss why we make the sign of the cross and what it represents. Invite members of the parish to send in pictures to create a parish “Family Tree” showing how we are all connected through the Church. Post a video on the parish website of a staff member making the taco dip from the Recipe of the Week section.

For the week of June 14, 2020
For this week’s bulletin article or video, discuss what you remember from your First Communion. This would also be a great opportunity to share some encouragement to those who may not have made their First Communion yet this year. Share why the Eucharist is so important to you and your faith, and perhaps share about a Eucharistic Miracle that has special meaning to you. Offer virtual Eucharistic Adoration this day so that families can join in together to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. Have the parish join together at a specific time for Benediction and reflect on the song “Adoration” by Matt Maher. You may also share what you love most about summer and what you’re looking forward to as this summer draws nearer.

For the week of June 21, 2020
Use this week’s 52 Sundays material to inspire your video by reflecting on how it makes you feel to know that God knows everything about you, even the number of hairs on your head. To celebrate Father’s Day, share one thing for which you are grateful about your earthly father or your Father in heaven. Provide a special blessing for fathers, and encourage the fathers of your parish to participate in the St. Joseph Consecration that starts today. You may also share a video showing each of the different vestments at the parish and discuss when each is worn.

For the week of June 28, 2020
In this video, reflect on today’s Gospel in which Jesus describes the conditions of discipleship. Describe what a disciple of Jesus looks like to you. Discuss whether you’re more like Peter or Paul. Post on your parish website ways that families can help others and how they can sign up. You may also share a video on your social media channels describing each item in the sanctuary and why it’s important.