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How to Utilize Marriage Coaching at Your Parish How to Utilize Marriage Coaching at Your Parish

The Archdiocese of Detroit Marriage Support Office launched the Marriage Coaching Ministry in 2018 as a marriage support resource for parishes to offer couples in their community.

Why Marriage Coaching Ministry?

How many times have we heard the tragic news of another couple in our parish community ending their marriage in divorce? It almost always feels like a punch in the gut when I learn of such sad news. I am left feeling disappointed, frustrated, and upset that a couple who married in the Church, and too often have walked in our Catholic circles of school, sports, and worship, should get to the point of feeling no other option than to divorce. I am left wondering what as a faith community we could have done or offered to have helped prevent such a fatal outcome for the couple and any children involved.

The Archdiocesan-sponsored Marriage Coaching program was developed to help such couples and the other hidden — or known — couples needing help for their marriage. The Marriage Coaching program seeks to fill the gap between the traditional options of professional marital counseling and marriage retreat weekends that do not always meet the preference or accessibility of couples needing help or desiring a refresher for their marriage.

What is Marriage Coaching?

Marriage Coaching is a couple-to-couple mentoring program designed to invite couples to more fully live out God's plan for their marriage. The team of Coaching Couples have received extensive, specific training for this ministry and continue to take part in ongoing formation. The Marriage Coaching program provides couples with the practical tools for achieving greater marital harmony. It is intended to take the couple to a deeper understanding of their sacrament and commitment in their marriage and guide them on their spiritual journey as a couple. The program is strictly confidential with no cost.

The program consists of seven main coaching sessions:

  1. Relationship building and family of origin factors
  2. God's plan for marriage and the importance of forgiveness
  3. Priorities in marriage and praying together as a couple
  4. How to love and serve each other
  5. Open and healthy communication
  6. Sexuality in marriage
  7. Spiritual relevance and growth in marriage
Who is Marriage Coaching for?

While Marriage Coaching is beneficial to all couples, most couples seeking help are experiencing varying degrees of struggles, stagnation, or problems in their relationship. Couples whose concerns exceed the scope or intention of the coaching program are referred for professional counseling. The Coaching Couples are versed to work with a cohort of couples from young marrieds to empty-nesters and elderly couples. Whether looking for a marriage refresher or more serious concerns, the qualifier is that both spouses desire to enhance their relationship and strengthen their marriage covenant.

Let couples in your parish community know about the Marriage Coaching program

Download a printable version of the Marriage Coaching flyer and information brochure to display or hand out at your parish. You may also publish the Marriage Coaching Ministry bulletin insert.

How to refer a couple to the Marriage Coaching program?

Couples can be referred to the Archdiocesan website to learn more about the program. With questions or to get started with the program, contact the Marriage Support Office at 313-237-4680 or [email protected]. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

Testimonies from Marriage Coaching couples:

“The Marriage Coaching was very personalized and the discussions we had were incredibly helpful. Understanding all that God has planned for our marriage was amazing. We felt that everything we covered was immensely helpful.”

“Our Coaching Couple was VERY helpful for both of us. I would highly encourage other couples to go through this experience. We appreciated the Coaching Couple sharing their personal experience.”

“Our Coaching Couple was excellent! We enjoyed our time together and they provided us with the tools that we can use throughout our marriage. We found it very helpful.”

“We thought it was a great experience. It strengthened our marriage and gave us tools to use in the future. Our Coaching Couple was great and very easy to talk to and non-judgmental. They were perfect for this ministry.”