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Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture Series
The CATHOLIC COMMENTARY ON SACRED SCRIPTURE combines outstanding biblical scholarship with lively faith to help Catholics interpret Scripture and apply it to Christian life today. In seventeen volumes, the series aims to provide readable, informative commentary on each book of the New Testament. The CCSS responds to the desire of Catholics to study the Bible in depth and in a way that integrates Scripture with Catholic doctrine, worship, and daily life. Because of this, it is an invaluable resource for pastoral ministers. Provides the text of the New American Bible, the translation approved for liturgical use in the United States, to facilitate use in preaching and catechesis. A set of references links each passage to related Scriptures, Catechism sections, and Lectionary uses of the text. An exegesis section explains each unit of the text, employing the normal literary, philological, and historical means, in light of the “content and unity of the whole of Scripture.” Reflection and application sections offer theological reflection on the text or apply it to Christian life today. Biblical Background sidebars provide historical, cultural, or philological information. Parishes can recommend these commentaries for Scripture study for individuals or in a group setting.
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