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The Virtues - Marriage Enrichment Program

The VIRTUES is a parish based marriage enrichment program that uses a variety of media to touch as many people as possible with a positive message about marriage and the importance of mastering the good habits we call the Cardinal Virtues.

The program can be used at home by couples or at a parish in the following ways:

  • Date Night Program - couples come to the parish, view a 10 minutes video, receive a flyer to guide their conversation, and then they go on their own private date.
  • Four Marriage Enrichment Gatherings - couples come to the parish, view a 10 minutes video, are given a short time for private conversation, followed by a group sharing on the subject of the evening. The event closes with some social activity.
  • A Short Retreat for Couples - A four hours retreat using the videos and flyers from this program.
  • A Parish-wide Marriage Enrichment Campaign - An outreach to the whole parish using the flyers and videos from this program. For example, the flyers can be inserted in the parish bulletin. The flyers are written to stand alone and can be used as educational tools.

‚ÄčThe Program Guide explains how to implement each of these options. Videos are available on DVD as well as online.

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