Evangelical Charity Engagement Family Ministry Discipleship Formation Worship Podcast
Episode 19: The Reset

Fr. Pullis and Beth discuss the Church’s mission to proclaim the Kingdom of God in the person of Jesus Christ and invite listeners to recommit to this work of this mission, by seeking out ongoing personal conversion, growth in holiness, and acceptance of present circumstances. They share that, in the new year, they will continue to return to Unleash the Gospel, to guide this recommitment to mission.

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(00:49) Fr. Pullis and Beth discuss Advent and why they enjoy this liturgical season, emphasizing, especially, Mary’s role.

(02:50) Fr. Pullis introduces the topic of our mission to unleash the gospel in Detroit, how easy it can be to become distracted from that mission.

(05:05) Beth shares about an experience she had while on a mission trip in Istanbul, where she saw the Holy Spirit working in peoples’ lives. She comments on how God goes before us in our missionary work..

(07:00) Fr. Pullis talks about how sometimes we wish our circumstances were different and how this can tempt us to put off the work that we’re called to do. He reminds listeners of the need to remain committed to the work to which God has called them, in their current time, place, and circumstances.

(10:13) Beth discusses the mission that the Church needs to be about, focusing on inviting people into a relationship with Jesus through the sacramental life of the Church.

(12:12) Fr. Pullis and Beth discuss a scene from the series, The Chosen, which illustrates the power of evangelization, in the midst of our own imperfections. Looking to Lumen Gentium, Fr. Pullis highlights that our mission is to proclaim the Kingdom of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

(14:44) Fr. Pullis poses the question, “Where does the Kingdom of God need to be proclaimed?” Acknowledging the challenging circumstances we face, he emphasizes how ardently we must proclaim the gospel.

(17:14) Beth talks about how practically, many may want to be “on mission” but are unsure how to begin and she recommends starting by reading or listening to Unleash the Gospel. Fr. Pullis talks about the conversion we have to undergo to enter into our mission, so that mission can flow from our core identity.

(21:03) Fr. Pullis shares that in the new year, they will focus on a return to the letter, focusing on what Unleash the Gospel calls us to, and makes an invitation to lay ecclesial ministers to dedicate this year to falling in love with Jesus again, and growing in holiness.

(29:00) Beth makes an invitation to listeners to ponder what difference Jesus makes in their lives and to ask Jesus who they can share that good news with in their lives. Both share their encouragement to listeners, wish a merry Christmas, and invite them to continue to seek Jesus first.