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You're Invited to Parish Day of Renewal You're Invited to Parish Day of Renewal

Mid-November has been a blessed time in the Archdiocese of Detroit for a number of years now. In 2016, the third week of November began the historic Synod ’16, which chartered the course for our archdiocese for the next generation. All who were a part of it know that it was pretty awesome. In 2017, this same week saw the premiere Catholic celebration of Detroit since John Paul II’s visit in 1987: the Beatification of Father Solanus Casey at Ford Field. For the 60,000+ of us who were there, we know that it was really awesome! For the past two years, we have continued to celebrate this time with an event specifically for parish staff members, pastors, and other lay ecclesial ministers.

The 3rd annual Parish Day of Renewal (PDR) is scheduled for November 20, 2020 as a revamped digital event, to make it easier, more affordable, and safer for you – our parish leaders – to celebrate this important time of the year in the Archdiocese of Detroit. I invite you to join us this year as we continue to explore the evangelization path of “Encounter, Grow, Witness.” This year, we focus on “Grow”, helping pastors and parish leaders lead people to grow more deeply as disciples of Jesus Christ day by day – even in our unprecedented times.

While we cannot all be in person in Sterling Heights or Novi this time, we have developed a creative way for parish staff to be part of this event this year. Parish staff, led by their priests, are asked to gather together in a safe, socially-distanced way in their parishes and to participate in our offerings together. This year’s offerings will be shorter this year – from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – and will offer plenty of time for parish staff to experience these events together.

The Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship Department of the Archdiocese of Detroit is excited to welcome Julianne Stanz – a joyful, experienced, and wise missionary disciple – to lead three keynote talks. After each talk, parishes will be given discussion questions to break open what we have heard together. Additionally, we will have an address specially for our parish leaders by our chief shepherd, Archbishop Vigneron. Finally, our multimedia conference will conclude by sharing with you and your teams some of the great resources we have been preparing for 2021, helping our parishes – and families of parishes – become centers of evangelization.

Our Parish Day of Renewal is the most important annual event for our most valuable partners in our efforts to Unleash the Gospel for two important reasons. First, those of us who work in parishes need opportunities to grow closer to Christ ourselves. We cannot give what we do not have, so PDR is an opportunity for each of us to receive this from the Lord. Second, we all need to be equipped for the work of the mission. PDR will bring you back to your parish value-added to help our brothers and sisters grow daily as disciples of Jesus Christ.

So, join us! It is only $10 per person or $50 for a parish staff. Register today, and share this with your co-workers, your peers, and your pastor. Come celebrate Synod ’16, Blessed Solanus Casey, and our work to encounter, grow, and witness as disciples of Jesus Christ!

P.S. We have a very cool contest this year! Check out our Come to Christmas Parish Video Competition. Does your parish staff have the creativity, ingenuity, and infectious enthusiasm to be this year’s champion? The winning parish will receive an awesome prize!