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EGW Website and SPARK Walkthrough [WEBINAR] EGW Website and SPARK Walkthrough [WEBINAR]

On Thursday, August 19th at 10:00 a.m. we held a walkthrough of the new EGW and SPARK. Get the ins and outs of where to find everything you need for your ministry — with a particular focus on how the new content strategy can help you navigate the transition to Families of Parishes.

(0:22) Emily Mentock, Associate Director of Strategy for the Department of Communications, gives an overview of the new Encounter Grow Witness website.

(3:00) She begins with the menu items at the top of the page, which navigate to recent articles for each area of Mission Direct.

(5:04) Emily identifies key areas of the Encounter Grow Witness homepage, including featured resources and ministry resource pages. She also gives information on the learn.egwdetroit.com platform where parish ministers can take courses to equip their ministry.

(10:05) Emily also mentions the podcast, which is a great tool to help parish ministers live out the Gospel and navigate challenges that arise in active ministry. She also walks through the Encounter Grow Witness Mighty Network and the community it encourages among ministers.

(13:42) The presentation moves to SPARK, the resource database where ministers can filter by age group, action step, category, and more to find resources, trainings, case studies, and more.