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Encounter Grow Witness Podcast Episode 10: Innovation in Catechesis

Fr. Steve and Beth speak to guest Emily Mentock about her project, Real + True, and discuss the impact of evangelization in digital spaces, especially by bringing the catechism to life for younger audiences.

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Show notes:

(1:05) Fr. Steve and Beth discuss Thanksgiving and their most favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving foods. Fr. Pullis introcudes guest Emily Mentock.

(5:20) Fr. Steve asks Emily to share about the theme of prayer in her own life. Emily, Beth, and Fr. Steve all discuss the role prayer plays in their work and their lives.

(9:20) Beth asks Emily to share about working in ministry for the archdiocese and Emily shares her insights about some of the most important skills for listening, relationship building, and keeping a mission focus through her work in the communications department.

(14:08) Emily introduces her project of Real + True, discussing the goal of bringing the catechism into real life contexts using video mediums on digital spaces to reach wide audiences of young people.

(15:10) Fr. Steve notes that next year marks the 30-year anniversary of the catechism and he and Emily discuss how Real + True seeks to align with the mission of highlighting the catechism for the modern world.

(20:45) Emily discusses the positive response Real + True has gained already during its first months, and the impact it is having reaching churches and audiences throughout the country and the world.

(23:20) Emily shares how digital content shaped her own faith journey and how authentically personal digital resources can be, especially for younger audiences, as stepping stones through their faith journey.

(32:50) Fr. Steve and Beth reflect on their conversation with Emily about Real + True and the ways in which the project offers inspiration and encouragement for the future of the church.

Real+True is part of The Catechism Project, a global initiative sponsored by OSV.