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FAQs: Archdiocesan Supported Online Giving FAQs: Archdiocesan Supported Online Giving
In the course of our conversations with business managers, administrators, and pastors, a few common questions emerged around online giving to the parish offertory. Those questions and answers are listed below. While making these connections it has been reassuring and exciting to learn how creative parishes and the people in those parishes are being. A few examples include calling every parishioner, mailing bulletins, sending emails, connecting by text messages, leaving detailed messages, providing website updates, and providing links to streaming Masses. We are reassured and confident that we are unleashing the gospel in a direct and tangible way. Thank You!

The online giving site give.aod.org makes it easy for a person to support their parish. Please see below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers):

• What is the Archdiocesan online giving URL?

• What if my parish already has an online giving site for parish offertory?

If your parish already has a parish offertory online giving site, you should direct your parishioners to use it. The ability to make parish offertory gifts was added to the CSA online giving site for the convenience of parishes that did not have online giving for their parish.

• What happens once a gift is made online through the give.aod.org site?

The online offertory gift funds are initially deposited into an AOD bank account. The gifts are then transferred directly into specific parish LDP accounts.

• How soon and how often will these gifts be deposited into our parish account?

Once the funds are deposited into the AOD bank account, funds will be credited to the parish by Friday of every week.

• When can a parish access these gifts?

A parish can access these funds immediately after they are placed in the parish LDP account, on or before Thursday of every week.

• Are the funds deposited directly into our Parish Checking Account?

The Funds will be deposited into parish LDP accounts.

• How soon does the online giving become effective, once set up?

You can use give.aod.org right now.

• How can I see who made gifts?

You can view who made gifts through the Parish Master Report in Parish Soft. This is similar to how you view gifts for CSA. In this case, simply select the Parish Online Offertory.

• Are there fees associated with using give.aod.org?

No fees will be charged to the parishes or parishioners for using this gift-giving site. Administrative fees will be paid by Central Services.