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The Power of Story in Parish Communications (Webinar Recording) The Power of Story in Parish Communications (Webinar Recording)

In this webinar, Dan Rogers shares how to transform your marketing from sterile messaging, into meaningful storytelling… for real humans, with real concerns, needs, and desires that your Family of Parishes can reach out to and engage with.

Dan is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, with experience in marketing and fundraising at both the parish and diocesan levels (Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Diocese of Phoenix).


  1. What information do you already know about your audience and what they look for when they visit your website, follow you on social media, show up to your events, etc.?

  2. Where can you start “treasure hunting”? Which ministries, activities, and events are full of inspiring transformational stories that will resonate with your audience?

  3. Where are you already successfully acquiring relatable visual content and where can you improve? Which ministries, activities, and events can you better document and share with your audience?


  1. Review one piece of marketing content recently released by your FOP (a social post, a website update, an email, a bulletin ad, etc.), and identify what the content helped people know, feel, and do.
    1. Bonus: ask a parishioner who received that content to tell them what the content made them know, feel, and do.

  2. With your audience’s unique needs in mind (see reflection question #1), consider your upcoming marketing efforts. Identify what you’d like your audience to know, feel, and do as they receive them.

  3. Connect with someone in the Engagement Group in the EGW Mighty Network and share some of your discoveries!